Sound Rules For Child Nutrition

Dear Mother .. Do you know that feeding your child needs special skills and methods that make them accept to eat with appetite and happiness? Yes, it is the fact that nutrition experts explain that there are rules and tips that must be implemented by the mother with her children, including:

• Food time should be a happy time from the first day we start feeding the child. The mother must be fully devoted to her child when feeding him, and the signs of psychological comfort are calm, pleasant, gentle, careful, unconcerned, unhurried, and agitated.

• The mother should not forget that her child was fed in a certain way that may return to her from birth for a few months, moving to a new feeding method and new tastings needs a time that may be long in some children.

• First meals are of great importance. The mother should not have any tension or conflict with her child during food, especially in the first meals, and before his food and affection. The mother does not think that the young person does not understand and he has to eat everything that is offered to him.

• The basic function of the mother is to introduce the food to the child and make it taste in a nice way, by putting a small amount of food in the front of his mouth, and be patient to taste and test and not accelerate in the amount of seconds to swallow the first.

• If you find that the food has been cooked, do not give it large amounts in the first meal. But start with 2-3 teaspoons of tea, and then increase the amount every day until you reach the required amount that allows him to take enough milk. The intention is to give extra food for milk and not replace milk.

• If you find him not liking food, trust him, and do not enter the food to his mouth against his will, it may then become a food craze. Also, you should not try to feed him with laughter, toys and the like. This is also an abnormal method and has its disadvantages.

• Food should be rationed as we set meal times so that the child gets hungry. Also, children should not be drowned in food until their value is known, especially after feeding themselves. We give them food a little less than they can usually eat, and leave them free to ask for more.


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