White Poison … Healthy Alternatives To Sugar !!!

We all know that the increase in sugar intake is not healthy at all and may cause many problems in the long term. Here we are talking about processed sugar granules, which are an integral part of our daily lives, starting with the cup of coffee we start every morning, We eat it at dinner! If we look at our daily consumption of sugar, it is too big of a risk to our health unless we try to reduce sugar in eating and drinking, and it does not matter whether you have diabetes or not.

Here Are some Healthy alternatives to sugar in food and drink that will give you the sweet taste you are looking for.

White honey: Is the first alternative that comes to mind as soon as we talked about healthy sugar alternatives, putting honey on tea, coffee, natural drinks and yogurt to make them familiar.

Vanilla Powder: Do you know that vanilla gives the food a sweet taste, sugar can be replaced with candy, especially yogurt or rice with milk, and vanilla extract can also be used but will not give the same effect as vanilla powder.

the salt: Do not be surprised, natural salt is one of the most important taste enhancers that help to highlight natural sugar in food, try to place a small salt sprinkle on grilled vegetables or fresh juices. You will be amazed.

Milk or almond milk: Have you ever noticed that you need less sugar in a cup of tea with milk than you put in a simple tea cup? This is because the milk has a sweet taste like cream and also almond milk, put any of them on drinks or fresh fruit instead of sugar and enjoy the delicious taste.

Beetroot: Beet is one of the most sugary vegetables ever. Beetroot is used to sweeten your meals instead of sugar, and if you ever want to eat a dessert, use it as an alternative to the processed sweets with high sugar content.

Apple sauce: Another alternative to sugar can be easily entered in baked sweets such as cake, muffin and other pastries, home made apple sauce,  How to make apple sauce at home.

Fresh fruits: if you want to add some sugars to your breakfast or even a dessert, go to the fresh fruit instead of the sugary foods, add your favorite fruit to yogurt, oatmeal or even a fruit salad dish and enjoy its sweet taste.




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