Useful Tips For a Healthy Diet

Getting a balanced and healthy diet is not as difficult as some people think. To get to the beautiful body, the nutritionist Hind Dakhil offers you a simple set of tips to help you:In the morning :

– Eat meals that makes you full one that doesn’t make you thirsty, it is important to choose enough and this meal should not be heavy.

– It is recommended to focus on brown bread, milk with cakes, yogurt, and a piece of vegetables because it is necessary to eat one of the sources of fiber.

– Drink plenty of fluids to avoid drought, specifically water, more than the juices so as not to cause obesity in the long term. A sandwich of cheese or cheese with a grain of fruit, especially a banana or a glass of milk and cakes with fruit will give the necessary amount of calcium, protein and fiber necessary.

the main meals:

– Eat vegetables or salads regularly because they are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, and the soup is often good, and it is worth mentioning that lentil soup is among the list of carbohydrates, which provides the body with a good amount of iron, While rice and potatoes can be consumed in a reasonable amount.

– Avoid eating saturated fats, choose white meat such as chicken and fish instead of red meat rich in fat, and adhere to healthy cooking, and replace the frying . What’s more chewing food well, not to eat quickly because it makes digestion more difficult.

– It is recommended to drink milk or eat one of its derivatives as a small dish of custard, pudding or ice cream.

– It is preferable to get away and avoid sweets because it is rich in fat, and if you want to eat it is necessary to be satisfied with a small piece of them.

– Avoid caffeine and soft drinks that cause pain in the head and stomach.

In the evening

– Dinner should be very light salad or a cup of yogurt and fruit. Also you shouldn’t eat any kind right before your sleep because it well be difficult to digest.


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