Treat Anemia With Healthy Food

Anemia is a difficult problem that many people have, Nutrition experts provide you with a list of foods and beverages that can protect you from it.The following foods should be eaten: spinach, broccoli, soybeans, pecan nuts such as camel’s eye, peanuts, okra, chocolates.

The second group includes parsley, lemon peel or orange, potatoes, cocoa, grapes, eggplant in all its forms, green and dry beans, black pepper, celery, green

pepper , Strawberries, taking into account the frequent drinking of water at least 3 liters per day, increase physical activity and non-waste in eating fat and fatty foods such as butter and others, as well as liver, dairy, cheese , Tomato, cola.

Treatment of Anemia:

In order to treat anemia, you must first make sure that you have enough iron in your daily meals, which are available most frequently in red meat, liver, corn flakes, iron bread, brown bread and oily fish (salmon and sardines). The iron is acceptable in chicken meat, fish, breads, green beans, celery, mint, parsley, coriander, nuts, dried fruits and black chocolate.

It is recommended to eat chicken liver, dried cowpeas cooked with minced meat, lentils or dried beans with minced meat, minced with chickpeas, minced meat, chickpeas and minced meat, always packed with lemon juice and a little chopped meat .

Eggs every day with one egg, a glass of fresh orange juice with any meal, chick peas whenever possible, lemon juice, chickpeas whenever possible, zucchini with chickpeas, chickpeas in tahini salad, chickpeas with beans Lentils, chickpeas with koshari, and distance from eating after tea.


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