Healthy Food Gives You a Happy Life !

Do you know that there are healthy foods that resist disease, aging and give you a happy life? Yes, it is confirmed by Dr. Elizabeth Super the author of several books on healthy nutrition, explaining that good food can help you avoids taking medicine and resisting physical and mental deterioration, so Here we are offering you a package of foods that strengthen your body and help it to resist diseases.- To combat stress, take the seeds of sunflower, “Syrian pulp” because it is a good source of folic acid, which helps the brain to produce a chemical called “Duamein”, which achieve happiness. [eat a small amount of it between meals.]

– Studies have shown that magnesium found in green leaves such as spinach improves the body’s resistance to stress. Try eating it on the day you feel stressed or add it to the salad to increase its nutritional value.

– Fill your body’s energy by eating almonds, which helps to stabilize the level of energy in the body thanks to the mixture of protein and healthy fats that it contains, so try a small amount of it with a slice of apples or a biscuit and use this snack to provide energy in the middle of the day.

– Eat an egg or two eggs at breakfast with a slice of brown bread from whole wheat to get a basic meal to provide you with energy and vitality to fight fatigue.

– Fight insomnia with low-fat yogurt. Calcium-rich foods raise the level of serotonin, the hormone that sleeps. [Take a cup of skimmed milk two hours before bedtime]. Bananas contain vitamin B6, which helps regulate sleep hours so take one fruit Daily .Also studies have shown that potatoes has the same effect of anesthetic. If you are suffering from insomnia, eat half a potato before going to sleep four hours.

– To Strength your memory, eating salmon and omega-3 in fatty fish can reduce the risk of infections in humans, which reduces the risk of mental deterioration .. Also olive oil, where studies have shown that those who rely on food cooked with this oil are less susceptible to Alzheimer’s so take two tablespoons of it daily.

– Studies at Harvard University have shown that women who eat a small piece of cheese or whole-fat dairy products are more fertile than those who do not.

– Burning fat by eating hot peppers because it contains calcium that increases metabolism. Also the studies conducted at the University of Illinois showed that soy milk helps the body to control the proportion of fat in it, as well as green tea to burn fat and increase the speed of metabolism.

– Immunize your immune system by taking cantaloupe. One cup gives you more than 100% of your daily needs of vitamin C. Eat it several times a week. Broccoli also contains antioxidant-rich vegetables that fight hot, pathogenic and inflammatory bacteria. Eat it several times a week. Rich in zinc and minerals that help your body fight disease.

– Fight headache with cow-pea, where studies have shown that the instability of blood sugar level is leading to suffering in the headache and eat protein-rich cow-pea and fiber balances the sugar and protects you from headaches. Eating tuna containing Omega 3, which inhibits infections that lead to migraines.

Finally, to keep your skin soft an healthy, the expert recommends eating black and red berries because its rich in antioxidants that fight aging.


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