Avoid These Foods and Beverages to Protect Your Teeth

Everyone fears that the color of their teeth will change to yellow, so we offer you a range of foods and drinks that transform your teeth from their natural color to yellow:

– Coffee: Coffee is a rich source of caffeine that harms the body and teeth as well as many of them, but can be mitigated by providing coffee with some milk that contains calcium increases the strength of teeth.

– Tea: Off tooth-whitening substances, because it contains a holding substance called tanans, which causes tooth color change.

– Soft drinks: Rich in acids and color generators, they are a major cause of tooth stains, and even light-colored soft drinks have acids that leave teeth susceptible to stains through other foods and beverages.

– Grape-berries, berries and their juices: Most dried fruits such as wild grapes, wild berries, cherries, and also their juices, contain intensively colored materials which can cause stains and yellowing teeth over time.

– Chilled lollipops: The teeth are damaged indirectly because they contain a large percentage of non-beneficial sugars that weaken tooth enamel, making them susceptible to yellowing and decay when eating any other foods.


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