7 Habits That Slow The Process of Losing Weight

Do you have a strict diet but you notice that your fat burning process is very slow? Sometimes the rate of weight loss is reduced because we follow unhealthy mistakes and habits when adopting a certain diet, believing that it will help to slimming more.Here are seven reasons why weight loss is slow.

– Refrain from eating before exercising:

Some girls refrain from eating before exercising because it will help to lose weight more, but that’s not true! It drives them to eat a large amount of food after the exercise to compensate for the energy lost and then increase the number of calories you gain a day. Eating a high-protein meal before exercising for at least two hours with the exercise period of at least 30 minutes helps to promote fat burning compared to abstaining from eating altogether, according to a recent study.

– Observe and decrease the number of hours of sleep:

Lack of sleep hours and lack of regular sleep and wake up are one of the main factors behind slow fat burning. This may lead to hormonal disorders that affect weight, mental serenity and skin freshness.

– Sitting for a long time:

One of the most common causes of slow weight loss is sitting for long periods without any movement in the working period. Therefore doctors are advised to always stand every half hour and move for five minutes to facilitate the metabolism and burning calories.

– Over-eating healthy foods:

It is true that most healthy foods are low in calories compared to saturated and fat foods, but that does not mean that you can eat any of them without paying attention to the number of calories that must enter the body. Exceeding the limit will negatively affect the speed of weight loss.

– Lack of drinking water:

Water helps burn larger amounts of body fat. Drinking water abundantly during exercise helps muscles to work efficiently, and therefore, reducing the burning rate in the body. Do not forget to take at least 8 glasses of water a day.

– Breakfast is neglected:

Neglecting breakfast or not eating a protein-rich meal usually increases your sense of hunger the rest of the day, prompting you to eat more calories.

– Eat soft drinks for Diet:

Drinking sugar-free soft drinks with the aim of not affecting weight is nothing but an illusion, because the lack of a drink of calories stimulates the body to eat more sugar, as well as its serious effects on the health of the body.


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