Peach and Apricot .. Keeps You healthy

Do you know that fruits have many benefits and useful for you and your family, yes it is a fact confirmed by nutritionists, showing you some fruit types and their importance and benefits.


Oranges contain 80% water weight, about 2% fat, about 10% fiber, 5% mineral substances and acids, and about 3% sugars and vitamin. It contains glucose, phosphorus, vitamin B2-B1, niacin and vitamin C.
Its benefits are:

– Eat an orange after food helps digestion.
– Rich in vitamin C helps stabilize calcium in food.
– A tonic for blood circulation and strengthens the liver.
– Beneficiaries of neurological diseases and people with diabetes or gastrointestinal disorders.


Peach is a sweet, nutritious fruit containing 81% water, 5% sugar, 1% citrus, 50% cellulose, 6% cellulose, and high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin B2.
Its benefits are:

– Strengthens nerves and intestines.
– Useful for hair and skin.
– Strengthens the muscles of the bowel and helps fight constipation.
– Laxative, well-known and beneficial in the treatment of bladder and kidney stones.
– Maintains alkalinity of blood and facilitates digestion.


Of the most famous summer fruits, 100 grams of apricots contain many mineral salts, especially phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Apricot contains 13 grams of sugar, 1 gram protein, 30 milligrams of fat, 20 grams of calcium and 20 milligrams of iron and fiber.
Its benefits are:

– It helps to modify the harmful acidity left in the body of some foods.
– One of the strongest plant factors in strengthening bones and tissues because it increases its activity and growth.
– Increases the body’s defensive power of diseases.
– Beneficial in the case of anemia and activates liver functions and nerves and strengthens the hair.


100 grams of grapes contain 75 percent water weight, 7 grams of glucose, grams of fat, 16 grams of carbohydrates, half a gram of protein and 20 milligrams of vitamin C, and the best types of grapes are large in size and white in color.
Its benefits are:

– A tonic for muscles, nerves, regeneration of cells and a toxin repellent.
– Fast digestion food.
– Useful in cases of poor digestion and arrest, hemorrhoids, hepatic pebbles and urinary gallstones.
– Strong tonic for liver function.
– Grape veneer of beneficial substances in cleaning the intestines.
– Grapes benefit in the prevention of cancer.
– For those with thinness, it helps in gaining weight.


Apple juice contains 10% sugar and 9% simple sugar, fruit sugar or grape sugar contains vitamin C and vitamin B useful for the work of the nervous system.
Its benefits are:

– Apple helps digestion with saliva, which increases the secretion.
– Resistance to gases and constipation due to the presence of pectin.
– Help reduce cholesterol and blood fat.
– A good source of potassium that helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure.


Of the fruits are somewhat acidic and contain a proportion of sugar up to 17% and is rich in vitamin B1, A and C.
The guava shell and the outer layer are richer in vitamins than the seeds.
Its benefits are:
– The fruit is very mature, a reservoir of potassium, sodium and iron.
– Immature fruit is harmful to health.
– Edible fruit is fresh with a cohesive crust, and if it is soft and variable color, it is undesirable and harmful and should not be taken.

Banana :

100 grams of bananas contain 70 percent water weight, about 25 percent starch and 2 percent sugar, grapes, sugar cane, fat, fiber and protein. Mineral salts are 60 milligrams of iron, about 40 milligrams of calcium, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B2.
Its benefits are:

– Used in combating the increase of sodium salts.
– Prevents kidney and arterial stiffness.
– resistant to diarrhea.
– Protects the body from anemia and helps in the secretion of salt due to the presence of potassium in it.
– Blending banana juice with milk helps to calm the stomach ulcers.
The calcium found in bananas is higher than the calcium found in cheese and milk.

Strawberry :

These fruits are very elegant, luxury and beauty that hardly appear in the market until they disappear. The most important characteristic of it is its richness with sugar and mineral salts, especially calcium, phosphorus, iron and protein in its small grains.
Its benefits are:

– Touted for patients with gout and liver lesions.
– Benefit in periodontal disease.
– Strawberry has the property of reducing the amounts of uric acid.
– It is a sedative and a pain reliever.


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