Stacking The Fridge With Food Spoils It!

Because the preservation of the food inside the fridge is necessary and important Experts advise you to avoid the accumulation of utensils in the fridge or because this raises their temperature and expose them to corruption.- It should be avoided to put plastic bags with liquid materials (soup – milk – ….) or soft materials (dough – bean – paste – paste – …) in the upper shelf of the freezer because it might get stuck, it will be very difficult for you to release it from the wires. Wait for it to freeze in the bottom shelf and then remove it wherever you want.

– Do not put anything in the freezer except in transparent bags so you do not get them mixed.

– Do not put bottles of water without a lid in the refrigerator because the water absorbs odors and changes its taste.

– When an egg is broken in the egg place in the refrigerator, do not place another egg in its place until after cleaning its place completely with water and make sure that it is completely clean and dry. Because any remains albumin is enough to attach itself to the new egg.

– Do not squeeze vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in one large container in the refrigerator Because you might forget that you have and buy the same things again and again.


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