6 Tips For Beginners In The World of Cooking

Because standing in the kitchen and making of the most delicious food is not as difficult as some believe, we offer each beginner in the culinary world some important tips that help them to achieve the most delicious dishes:


  1. When the amount of salt in the food is lot put a potato in the pot.
  2. To get the best taste of the meat of a steak, rub each piece of meat with a mixture of vinegar and oil and leave for a period of Two hours .
  3. When you finish peeling black place eggplant, put it in a pot of water and salt so as not to lose its color or to even darkened.
  4. When preparing the salad do not add lemon and salt. you can only add them when you’re about to eat so that the vegetable won’t lose their tastes.
  5. Remove the meat rim whenever it appears so as not to prevail color.
  6. When the pan is new, put a little vinegar and put it on fire, and when boiling, remove it from the fire. this prevents the food from sticking to it after that.

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