3 Successful Ways To Save Potatoes In The Freezer

Potatoes is one of the most delicious dishes preferred by many peoples adults & children, and for it to exist at any time we offer each mother a way to save it

in the freezer very easily:

– Peel the potatoes and cut them in size of cubes thickness of an inch, and simmer on low heat in salted water until it begins to mature a little, put them in

one layer on a tray oil-coated, put them in the freezer until frozen and become solid, roll the cubes into plastic bags or cans according to the storage method

used and put In the freezer until the time of need.Heat them in water over low heat, then use them in recipes or cook them thoroughly and use them in potato


– In the case of canned meat, potatoes are preached, and placed in a container of cold water until we finish all the amount, Chinese oil slightly grease Dry the

potatoes of water and well known and shaped discs similar to Hash Brown, frozen in the freezer until solid, and then stored in bags Or cans are used as desired.

– In the case of conservation after cooking, bake the whole potatoes, until it ripen and then divide it in halves and remove the heart to get the cups hollow, dry

and then put on a single tray in the freezer until frozen, and then transfer to the conservation tools as you wish, and when you want to cook it Put a little oil

in a baking tray and cook in a 425 ° F oven until golden, and cook well. Add salt to the mixture.


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