Strawberry Revitalizes The Stomach and Renews The Skin

The strawberry is characterized by a distinctive taste and a beautiful and attractive color that is loved by children and adults. Besides, it contains several benefits to health, skin and beauty of women in general, and these are some of the benefits that strawberries carry:- Strawberry is characterized by high nutritional and medicinal value, it is easy to digest and even compatible with the weak stomach.

– Strawberry juice is useful in the production of urine and stimulates the stomach and helps digestion, which is laxative, nourishing and strengthening, what’s strawberry juice helps build the tissues, as it is a blood cleaner and anti-toxins and regulates the secretions of gallbladder.

– Boiled leaves and strawberry roots used in the treatment of diarrhea, lack of excretion of gallbladder, liver disease, bladder and kidney disease.

– To beautify the complexion of the face, spray the strawberry beads and paint the face before sleeping. Leave until morning, and then wash with the water of the parsley. This helps to activate the skin and remove the wrinkles.

– Strawberry juice helps remove the yellowish teeth and impurities that accumulate on them.

It is recommended not to eat strawberries for those who have hypersensitivity, where may appear on their bodies rash after eating.


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