Ways To Preserve Vegetables And Their Nutritional Value

Do you know that the way vegetables are prepared and preserved greatly affects their nutritional value? Yes, it is a fact confirmed by many nutrition experts.Here are some instructions to preserve the benefits of vegetables, including the following.

Spinach: They are rich in iron and vitamin C. it’s preferred to buy Fresh spinach, First its iron is dissipated in boiled water and its vitamin C is oxidized when it comes into contact with the air during freezing. We recommend that you choose small, fresh spinach and eat it fresh in the form of salad. Sprinkle it with olive oil rich in essential fatty acids.

Pea peas: Rich in folic acid (necessary for red blood cells in the blood) and vitamin B6 necessary for the balance of nervous systems, it’s preferable to buy frozen peas because these two nutrients dissolve in water, a large part of them dissipated in water and when perserving the peas they keep their nutrients in the water cans, so you should steam Peas whether they’re fresh or frozen to reduce the loss of beneficial nutrients.

Tomatoes: It is rich in nutrients to help protect against cancer, and we advise you to buy fresh tomatoes because it is easy for the body to digest after cooking. What’s more is that the fatty substances increase the effectiveness of digestion, so we recommend you add olive oil to tomato juice.

Broccoli: Rich in vitamin C which is essential to the vitality, also its Found that 200 grams of broccoli can satisfy our needs of vitamin, we recommend you buy broccoli fresh since the frosen ones reduces the vitamin because of its rapid oxidation when contact with air, prefer to cook broccoli in the shortest possible time to take advantage of maximum vitamins and choose steam cooking since its The perfect way to prepare foods.

Carrots (yellow or red): Rich Antioxidant beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A,It is preferred fresh because it is the most rich in beta-carotene knowing that the body needs every day about 3.5 milligrams of this nutrient. So its recommended to consum the carrots immediately after buying it without saving it long in the refrigerator.

Green cow-pea:
Rich in Fiber and Minerals (Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium). If you prefer fresh cow-pea, you should consume it quickly after you buy it and know that steam cooking (with a small amount of water) is the best way to reduce mineral loss.


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