Lemon Strengthens The Body and Liven The Muscles

Do you know that lemonade contains many benefits? Yes, it is a fact confirmed by experts and has been known lemon since ancient time, recent studies indicate that the fruit of lemon contains a group of acids, including citric acid and apple. In addition to calcium cit-rate, potassium and sugar grapes, fructose and sugar cane, and a number of minerals essential to the body such as iron Phosphorus, calcium, copper and manganese.

Lemon contains a range of vitamins, including vitamin B, C and A, it also contains essential oils that raise the spirit.

It is useful for the skin, and it can also be used to dissolve the dead cells of the skin, it dissolves the fat cells from the buttocks and legs and reduce the accumulation of fat. What’s more it saves the body from toxins, and activates the functions of the kidney, and opens the appetite for food, and helps digestion, It is useful in the treatment of gingivitis, throat and mouth infections and respiratory tract infections.

Lemon juice helps to treat urinary tract stones by helping to break up gravel by eating lemon juice regularly every day.

The lemon is soothing to the nerves and useful for those suffering from joint diseases, rheumatism, liver disorders and intestinal rot. it can stop nasal bleeding or hemorrhage, dip a piece of cotton in lemon juice and plug the nose.

In general, it is possible to say that lemon is useful for those who perform stressful work. It strengthens the body, activates the muscles and fights fatigue. If a person drinks lemon juice diluted with water, he will get rid of the toxins and feel. More vital every morning.


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