Which Foods Can Improve or Reduce The Density of Your Bones !!

There are foods that improve your bone density and others reduce it, so you need to know what foods to try to avoid, because they increase the risk of thinning your bones. We offer you a list of foods to avoid, because they pose a serious threat to your bone density, and you should try to adapt your diet to avoid such foods.Eating excess sugar hampers the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Pastries may be tasty but excessive sugar intake can hinder proper calcium absorption and that is of the utmost importance to the health of your bones, which is a major player in the process of calcium absorption, Doctors Says that the best way to meet your sugar needs is through peaches, wild berries, and some other antioxidant fruits, because they contain natural sugars that do not harm, and antioxidants support your bones’ health in general.

Soda and carbonated beverages that contain caffeine reduce the density of your bones Many studies conducted to reach the effect of soft drinks on your health, proved that these drinks, such as cola have some harmful and dangerous effects to your body, and one study says that eating more than seven cups of cola in The week reduces the density of your bones to the extent that they become prone to fractures, and the reason for this is the containment of phosphoric acid, which weakens the intestine and interferes with the absorption of calcium.

High sodium foods cause bone diseases, high salt, high sodium content in foods, increased sodium in your diet is not good for your bones, and processed foods that contain a lot of spices are designed to promote calcium in your bones to make your bones weak.

Tomato, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers and eggplant are foods that stimulate inflammation of tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers and eggplants from inflammatory foods, which are not good for the health of your bones. Although these foods contain many vitamins useful to your body, you should not avoid them. You have to avoid them to some extent.


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