Vitamins In Your Home

Nutrition experts have confirmed that vegetables and fruits of all kinds are vitamins that deal with any disease that affects the human body, so today we offer a range of information about the great benefits that vegetables and fruits contain, including:

Dill For Indigestion:

Dill is one of the plants of the plant species, a vegetable useful for human health, It grows in the wild or it grow for other use as a kind of spices in various foods. Research has confirmed that dill used since ancient times to treat colic and digestion, and after the discovery of medicinal compounds used in the treatment of convulsions associated with gases, The intestines which cause colic and pain especially in infants.

The researchers found that chewing its seeds removes the unpleasant smell of the mouth, often described by doctors as lactating women who suffer from lack of milk production, it also can be repellent of worms, and be used its seeds to treat tumors of the genitals and eyes.

It is also a useful treatment for nervous tension, insomnia, hemorrhoids, depression and cough, and is used as a treatment for permanent hair loss and baldness, it can also restore the beauty and splendor of the skin, However nutrition experts advise patients with kidney disease not to eat too much dill.

Lemon Reduces Your Weight:

In addition to the many benefits that lemon contains, medical scientists, plants and food have confirmed that it is a tonic for stomach and heart, and it helps to lose weight.The scientists said that eating lemon with cold water in the morning has many benefits, including the expulsion of toxins from the stomach and liver, and protect the cells of the body and strengthen the brain.

They also added that lemon juice, which treats toxins, destroys germs, activates white blood cells, calms and strengthens nerves, and treats epilepsy, diarrhea, rheumatism, arthritis, intestinal rot and prostate infections.

To avoid kidney stones, an American researcher says the best way to drink water, adding slices of lemon to water to give it a special flavor, or replacing it with lemon juice may be more beneficial, especially for those most susceptible to the disease. it Contains a high percentage of citrate acid, which prevents the formation of gallstones in the kidneys.

Tomato Protects Against Cancer:

Scientific studies and research have proved that eating Tomatoes juice helps fight cancer and reduce activity in platelets in diabetics, and helps to protect them from fatal strokes.In a study of a group of people who ate tomatoes more than 14 times a month, they had a 50 percent lower risk of cancer than those who ate once a month.

The researchers found that tomatoes contain lycopene and carotene , which prevent harmful oxidation during cellular body reactions and are effective in destroying molecules that can cause damage to the tissues of the body.

There is plenty of evidence that tomatoes also protect against breast, ovarian and other cancers, and researchers attributed the credit to lysine, a glycerin. Some evidence suggests that lysine is also beneficial to the heart.

Red Pepper …

Although some people do not like red peppers and do not like to put them on food, nutritionists say they outperform the rest of the fruits and vegetables because they contain large quantities of vitamin C, as well as additional features such as improving the performance of the digestive system and strengthen the memory power In people as well as playing the role of drugs against many serious diseases, especially cancer.

The fruit of the pepper contains warm cappasitsin and a large amount of vitamin C, the second most important source of vitamin A after carrots, and contains vitamin B in the group almost the same, as well as beta-carotene and iter oil and sugar and pectin , calcium and magnesium and others.


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