Tips For Your Child’s Safety In The Kitchen

Dear Mother .. For the safety and protection of your child in the kitchen you may need some important instructions to help you, so do not hesitate to carry out these important tips that we offer you:

– Buy iron bars that protect the cooking pot, keep the pot hold away from the top of the counter so that your baby does not hold it and pour it on himself/herself.

– Keep the iron in a safe place out of reach of your child, preferably hanging on the wall.

– Never leave things on the edge of the work table, but keep them inside.

– Place safety levers for all drawers and cabinets that contain hazardous materials.

– Clean your animal food containers after use or keep them out of the reach of children.

– Keep all electrical tapes out of the reach of children If left hanging, the child may pull it and it falls on him/her do not pray electric tools when you do not use it may be occupied by the child wrong.

– Do not leave hot liquids at your child’s disposal, even a cup of coffee may burn.

– Keep all knives and tsharp objects out of reach of your child.

– Use a membrane on the glass doors and put a drawing on the transparent glass to remind your child of the presence of glass.

– If your child is small, you should prepare a special play area away from your place of work, so that your child can play by you without causing you trouble.


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