The Quality of Your Food Defines The Efficiency of Your Immune System

Your immune system needs a healthy and useful nourishment to strengthen and become more resistant to disease, especially AGAINST the many diseases prevalent today.Because maintaining and protecting your health starts from the ways you choose your food, According to nutritionist that healthy nutrition is the basis of good health and is the primary responsibility for increasing the efficiency of your immune system.

Food contain vitamins important for the body, health and important vitamins for your immune vitamin “A” found in fish, dairy, meat and vegetables such as yellow carrots, apricots, oranges and potatoes, it is an anti-infection which protects the body from any external diseases alien to the body, Vitamin ” C “is the basis for the production of lymphocytes, which are fighting any external body, such as what does vitamin” A “and the presence of this vitamin in all vegetables, especially red peppers, carrots, fruits and citrus, while vitamin” E “is interacting with vitamin” A “and” C “Which interacts with the rest of the thousand Insurance works to combat diseases and strengthen the immune system and found in vegetable oils, nuts and eggs.

Because zinc supports the immune response remember that vitamins are very important as they helps heal wounds, calm and strengthen the body. such as yogurt, mushrooms, pointing out that the first defense of the body and the best antibiotic is garlic, it eliminates microbes and bacteria found in foods, green tea is an antioxidant also The parsley and celery are also suitable for the body.

You can make a healthy drink and benefit your body by bringing a bottle of water and sprinkle it with lemon peel, this is a useful way to protect your immune system and strengthen it and give you a sense of recovery.

Factors that weaken your immune system:

And about things that weaken the immune system, the mercury-filled metal used in dental fillings leads to chronic stress, which reduces the immune system’s efficiency. Tension, stress and erratic diets all weaken the immune system.

Fat affects the immune system:

Factors that affect your immune system are not limited to the above. An Australian study of the Garvin Center for Immune-therapy confirmed that eating a small amount of fat affects and weakens the functioning of the immune system.

Charles Mackey, director of the Center’s Immune-therapy Program, says that the study explains the relationship between eating a small amount of fat and inflammation, and shows that the few fats may be the basis of the relationship between the body and the response of the immune system.

The study confirms that the proportion of fat “fatty acids” dealt with by individuals has changed and accompanied by this change increased inflammatory diseases around the world, especially asthma and atherosclerosis and arthritis.

Important tips:

For more protection and care for your immune system, nutrition experts give you some important recommendations to follow to eliminate this problem and get rid of:

– Try to stay away from stress as much as possible as stress plays a role in weakening the immune system.

– Avoid foods rich in fats, refined foods and chemically treated.

– Allergy against food plays a heavy burden on the immune system.

– Make your food includes whole barley and garlic as these foods contain metal germanium, a rare and useful element of the immune system, and the sea grass is very important in the food, as the kelp contains iodine, calcium, iron, carotene, riboflavin, vitamin C and are all necessary for the integration of immune function .

– Eat fresh juices daily, especially pineapple, lemon and kiwi juice.

– Red pepper plays an important role in raising the efficiency of the immune system and should be added to food daily.


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