Some foods and their effects on the heart !

Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in individuals around the world, so it is necessary to ask yourself the following question: How do I protect myself from this disease and how do I improve my heart health?

You’re not going to quit your eating habit, will you? So try to take advantage of it to provide your heart with health, and instead of just abstaining from what is harmful, include healthy foods as well in your diet. Doctors advise you to consume balanced meals that include fruits, vegetables, fiber, and fish, and in return, avoid eating red meat, saturated and trans fats, sugar, sodium, and processed foods as much as possible.

To help you achieve your goal, here is a list of delicious and healthy foods that you may not know of their benefits in promoting heart health:



Tomatoes have long been associated with improving heart health, as they have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and prevent blood clots. This type of food contains vitamins A, C, and K, and potassium.


Not only do oranges contain vitamin C, but they also reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and the possibility of heart failure. Oranges contain soluble fibers that help absorb fats and cholesterol in foods, which contributes to their excretion from the body. And because this fruit contains potassium, it will work to keep salt levels balanced in the body, keeping you away from high blood pressure problems.

Soy milk:

Unlike regular milk, soy milk is often cholesterol-free and contains unsaturated fats that can lower cholesterol levels. If you like milk, it may be difficult for you to accept the taste of soy milk, but your heart health is worth the effort.


A recent study found that elderly women who regularly consumed yogurt had better arterial health than those who did not, which reduced their risk of heart attack and stroke.


Cantaloupe is very rich in nutrients such as vitamins C, B6, and A, and potassium. The latter helps reduce high blood pressure and acts as an anticoagulant, which helps prevent strokes.

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