Peaches and Spinach Makes Your Bones More Powerful and Active

If you suffer from weakness and bone fragility and looking for ways and tips to strengthen and eliminate this problem, there is no need to worry, Many doctors assure you that some foods play an important role in building bones and increase strength, including:Banana:

Bananas are known for their beneficent to bone, muscle and joint health also improve blood pressure. This is due to potassium richness, which is important for strengthening nerve signals and preventing calcium loss, as well as a high percentage of phosphorous necessary for memory.

Several studies have been considered banana as an important food to improve the health of the nervous system and to strengthen the efficiency of the immune system and to support the mechanism of digestion of proteins, so it is recommended to eat a banana daily to provide the potassium needed by the body, especially after exercise.

Dried peaches:

This dried fruit is rich in copper, boron and calcium, so it protects against osteoporosis. The presence of fiber in it and the element of nannoline creates an acidic atmosphere that is very beneficial to the health of the digestive system and intestines, and indirectly contributes to the increase of calcium absorption.


Among the many nutrition experts, the benefits of spinach health because of the high percentage of iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium, are elements that support health in general, especially health of the liver and brain. Some study showed that it protects or delay the incidence of dementia.

Spinach is a food that supports muscle building and increases bone density (which protects against osteoporosis and reduces the incidence of fractures). As an additional reason to encourage the intake of these green vegetables, a study published in the Journal of Nutrition revealed a substance called spinach Have a protective role and treatment of prostate cancer, while the presence of beta-carotene in them contributes to the fight against colon cancer.

Chocolate milk:

After exercise, it is recommended to drink milk with flavored chocolate as a refreshing, reactive beverage. This is because it contains a protein called whey, which helps the muscles support during the period of restoration and recovery after activity. It also provides the body with calcium and vitamin D. Several studies have shown their importance to bone and body health. For example, a study published in 2006 by the World Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise found that the benefit of chocolate milk was more beneficial than sports drinks or cereals in terms of supporting tired muscles Z body for what it lost glucose.

How do you avoid knee deterioration?

Knee bronchitis is a very common disease and often the symptoms of rheumatism begin without warning, so the patient does not feel it, but it is easy to find it by doing a joint radio-graph. As the roughness progresses, the patient begins to experience severe pain when using the affected joint, especially in the morning as a result of the articular ligament. A relationship was also found between the weather and the knee pain in some. It was observed that the colder and more humid the pain.

In order to avoid this disease in general, it is recommended to maintain normal weight, avoid sitting and not bend the knee joint for long periods, so as not to suffer from cartilage weakness, exercise moderately to maintain the strength of the muscles of the knee and thighs to provide support for the joint, Also any deformity of the knee or leg should be treated before the roughness occurs with the breakout and avoid smoking due to its effect on the blood vessels feeding the knee.


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