Learn about the correct dieting method for healthy daily habits!

A correct and balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Often many people think that the correct diet is a plan or schedule that is followed for a week or more and aims to lose weight. But the reality is that the correct diet is represented by healthy daily habits, learn about them in the following.

First: Eat fresh foods and stay away from canned foods:

Canned foods lose nearly 60% of the healthy nutrients in them, in addition to being high in fats and sugars, which means that the calories in them are very high. On the other hand, fresh foods contain vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Second: Pay attention to the portion size for each meal.

Many studies have confirmed that portion size is a major and essential factor in terms of weight loss or gain . Therefore, paying attention to portion size, number of calories and the amount of food a person eats can make a big difference in terms of avoiding obesity and maintaining a healthy weight.

Third: Replacing animal fats with healthy fats:

Animal products are often high in saturated fats, and foods that contain animal products are red meat, butter, cheese, and cream. It is difficult for the body to break down saturated fats, so levels of harmful cholesterol can rise, increasing the risk of heart disease.

To reduce the amount of unhealthy fats in the diet, choose lean meats , such as chicken, and use vegetable oil instead of animal fats. Choose low-fat dairy products.

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