How To Avoid Colon Cramps

Colon and digestion cramps are difficult problems faced by some, so to minimize you the hassles of finding solutions to the problem presented to you
A consultant of therapeutic nutrition, offers you an important rule for maintaining the colon and eradicating more of its contraction.

1 – Arrange the eating schedules as much as possible.

2 – Drinking 2 liters of water per day because water is the main factor in the digestion processes.

3 – Good chewing of food so that the food reaches the colon in an easy state.

4 – Divide the meals to (4 – 6) meals daily so as to facilitate digestion and absorption and reduce pressure on the colon.

5 – Get rid of psychological problems and emotional as much as possible because of the existence of a close relationship between colon disease and the psychological condition since stress affect the colon negatively.

6 – Reduce dependence on ready-made meals because they contain saturated fats THAT causes stress and fatigue of the digestive system in general and the colon in particular.

7 – Reduce reliance on fried foods and replace them with food cooked with a little oil.

8 – Try walking for half an hour a day.

9 – Avoid laxatives without medical supervision.

10 – Stay away from smoking because it increases the contractions of the colon.

11 – Reduce canned beverages such as preserved juices and carbonated water.


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