Health Benefits of Some Fruits and Vegetables

Orange is an Antibiotic:

Oange is a powerful antibiotic for many diseases, recent Australian study confirmed that eating a cup of juice in the morning or a single orange helps in the treatment of many diseases. The study noted that orange is rich in water, sugar, vitamins and alkaline salts that keep young cells, which is an antioxidant, because it contains a substance Ā«BioflavonideĀ», which purifies the microbes, so doctors advise patients to take it.

Moreover other studies have confirmed the presence of a substance in citrus peel, which leads to lower cholesterol more efficiently than some drugs dedicated to this purpose, and the fruit of orange is useful in stimulating blood circulation and works to increase the absorption of iron, which leads to raising the level of iron level in the blood, Orange helps increase activity and vitality. In Additon its considered an effective treatment in the case of flu.

Pomegranates are Stronger Than Viagra:

As well as the effectiveness of pomegranate in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.A recent American study has revealed that it contains antioxidants that help in the treatment of impotence in men.

Researchers at Boston University found that male rabbits given pomegranate juice increased their blood flow to their male organs. Experts attributed the reason to the pomegranate fruit rich with a wide range of antioxidants such as phenolic compounds , which inhibit the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) In turn lead to atherosclerosis.

Apricot Strengthens The Eyesight:

Apricots are soft, fast-digesting and rich in vitamins, minerals and sugars, so Horticultural Institute scientists recommend pregnant and lactating women and children to take it to prevent malnutrition.

The scientists stressed that the treatment activates the intensity of vision, and it strengthens the bones and tissues, and it facilitates the secretion of bile and beneficial in blood diseases and regeneration of cells, and increases the strength of the body’s defensive diseases, so it is useful in the case of anemia and useful for the functions of the liver and hair and nerves, In the formation of bone and mucous membranes.

Experts advise not to eat it for people with indigestion or with acute infections in the intestines and stomach.

Apple Protects Your Teeth:

Finally, apples are a very important source to rid the body of toxins and attack the viruses in it. It also benefits from washing the teeth, strengthens the gums, reduces cholesterol levels in the body and prevents constipation because it helps digestion.

Although the apple contains a small amount of vitamin C, eating 100 grams of apple fruit will provide the body as effective antioxidants obtained when taking 1500 mg of the same vitamin, taking care not to eat a large amount of apple seeds, They cause poisoning.


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