Garlic and Lemon .. Alternative Food For Medicines

In order to preserve your health, food scientists have identified a number of fruits that will perform the function of drugs if you have any of the known diseases.Scientists note that these drugs are better than medicines because they contain natural substances that fight diseases and eliminate them completely,

Some of these fruits:

The fruit of garlic have strongly therapeutic effectiveness, because they contain essential antibacterial substances, and food scientists say that these substances are better antibiotics than drugsa that contain ready-made ntibiotics , because they do not cause side effects.Scientific information indicates that garlic treats the high level of cholesterol and regulates heart activity and expands arteries, and its other chemical content sulfur, which renews and improves the skin and strengthens the nails and stimulate the growth of hair head.

Red pepper:
This fruit has been known since ancient times to contain substances useful for human health, where there are large quantities of vitamins, especially vitamins A, C and E, all promote human health and strengthen memory and protects from colds and flu.

The fruit of lemon is one of the finest types of fruits, which is an essential source of vitamins C and B1 and B2, which have a significant positive effect on health, improving the immune system and facilitate the digestion and absorption of useful substances which also hepls change the nature of organic substances in the body, and reduce the level of cholesterol in Blood, as well as containing the substance «Lycopene» anti-cancer.

it contains effective substances against cancer, as well as containing vitamins B and C, and Patacarotene, iron and calcium, all of which accelerate the treatment of malignant diseases. Calcium strengthens bones, improves skin cells and strengthens muscles.

The spinach plant contains large amounts of anti-cancer Betacarotin, which protects the body from many common diseases, as well as its impact in the maintenance of the luster and youth of the skin which helps eliminate various wrinkles, and among the vitamins that spinach contain , vitamin A that Protects the body against many viruses, and helps maintains strong eyesight, while vitamin B and calcium strengthen the immune and bone and treat heart disease and brain.


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