Few Tips: For a Healthy and Useful School Meal

The school meal is important for your child because it gives him the energy necessary to concentrate throughout the school day, so we advise you to provide all useful and varied in this meal so as not to dull your child so he can benefit from all components.The most successful way to encourage your child to eat his food is to diversify and prepare the food in a variety of ways.

Children prefer the food they choose and participate in the preparation. The involvement of your child in the work of his meal will teach him the choice of healthy nutrients while at the same time enjoy the same preparation.

Last minute choices: To avoid last-minute choices that are usually not healthy, think ahead of time in the whole week’s meals, make a meal every day the night before, and keep it in the fridge.

Try to meet their wishes, but keep in mind the proper dietary guidelines, explain to them and tell them why you have chosen what you give them or what prevented you from choosing something, so one day they will be able to choose healthy meals themselves.

Good choice: A good choice of meals helps children to concentrate, maintain energy levels steady, and keep them in a stable state of mind, all of which improves the child’s level of achievement and concentration.

The school meal should include choices from each of these food groups:

Proteins: The body provides long-term card and helps the child to choose one or two protein-rich foods such as meat, chicken, egg, tuna, cheese and peanut butter.

Choose a variety of vitamin B-rich grains, such as bread (especially whole-grain bread), pasta, cake and try to use honey instead of sugar.

Fruits and vegetables: Also make sure that the meal includes a least 3 kinds of fruits and vegetables because they contain important vitamins, minerals, and fibers. This may include 100% natural juices prepared at home or bought with care, fresh fruits or even dried fruit, try adding vegetables to sandwiches or put some carrot and cucumber fingers in a clean bag or tray.

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