Dietary Supplements For Athletes: When Does It Become Dangerous?

The market is currently witnessing an increase in the proportion of sports products such as proteins, L-Carnitine, and others. Athletes usually resort to providing a complete diet for their body and maintain muscle. Commonly, these products help to “lose fat,” “divide the body,” “improve its shape,” and enlarge muscle size. That makes young people eat it before or after exercise. But the nutritionist advises to follow a diet of moderate carbohydrates, fats and proteins, depending on the type of sport, of course, to get the results that we have already counted. So what are these nutritional supplements and what are their disadvantages?


Proteins: There are several types of proteins, some of which are produced from soy, Casein and from milk. But the latter is considered the best because it contains 9 essential amino acids for health. Usually dealt with by the exercise bodybuilding. It may help maintain muscle, but not enough to secure proper energy before and after exercise. Studies have confirmed so far that the optimal system is moderate carbohydrates, fats and proteins from food and not from these products. We can secure this amount of protein from food such as fish, meat and chicken. The natural person needs 0.8 to 1.2 g / kg per day and usually exceeds this amount.


But if a person practices a professional daily sport, the amount of protein can be insufficient. In this case, under the supervision of a nutritionist, these supplements can be taken in moderate amounts. If overdosed, the person may experience kidney stones and renal dysfunction.

L-carnitine is an amino acid produced naturally by the body that helps to secure energy through the transfer of fat to the cells of the body. This makes it a product that helps to lose weight. But so far, studies have not shown that their effect is better than a moderate diet . Its negatives can cause nausea and digestive problems.

Steroids are commonly used in people who practice bodybuilding. A similar role is played by testosterone, which helps to enlarge the muscle. But it does not help to improve physical energy, and the disadvantages are many and serious ones: high risk of prostate disease, infertility, baldness, stomach aches, addiction to it.

In conclusion, since both proteins and carnitine are present in food and body, it is preferable to follow a moderate diet suitable for the type of sport rather than taking these products. As for injection, it is necessary to keep away from it permanently. So keep healthy diet is optimal to maintain the athlete’s body and daily energy.


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