Foods That Strengths Your Body’s Immunity

To protect your body and increase its immunity, doctors recommend that you pay attention to healthy and useful foods because they may be much better than chemical medicines to maintain and protect your body.Nutrition experts explain that these foods almonds, peppers, berries, broccoli, strawberries and spinach is a good source of energy and fights diseases, most importantly heart disease, and helps build the body, which is also a low calorie to maintain your weight.

Almonds: Almond is a friend of the heart. It contains the unsaturated fats that are also found in olive oil. Research has shown that taking one ounce of almond a day reduces the amount of saturated fat in the body (harmful cholesterol) and thus reduces the risk of blood clotting, heart disease and cancer is rich in calcium because it contains protein, zinc, potassium , magnesium and vitamin B and E.

Pepper: All types and colors of pepper contain a lot of vitamin A, C and B6 , which contribute to reduce the level of protein Homo-cysteine that are ​​harmful to the heart. Red peppers contains the anti-oxidant lecithin that protects the body from cancer of the colon , gall bladder, pancreas and prostate.

Mulberry: It is the best fruit for its containment of antioxidants, and it has many benefits for the body, most notably protecting the heart and arteries from diseases and blood clots.

Broccoli: Half a cup of broccoli contains a quantity of vitamin C equivalent to what is contained in a cup of orange juice and half the calories, and the same quantity contains 40 mg of calcium more than a cup of milk, and less calories because the milk contains Saturated fat while broccoli has no fat at all.

Grapes: Good food to protect the heart muscle and arteries from cell damage caused by time molecules, as the grape contains countless numbers of Flavoring.

olive oil: It contains unsaturated fats and reduces the body’s harmful fats (triglyceride). It also helps to lower high blood pressure and cure stomach infestation. Olive oil also contains vitamin E and carotenoids, and its net types contain antioxidants that are useful in fighting Aging and various diseases.

Spinach: An excellent source of iron, its green leaves contain a few calories. Spinach is a good source of calcium and vitamin K, which helps strengthen bones. It also contains Folate, and vitamin B, which reduces damage to heart cells, burns and arteriosclerosis.

Strawberry: Half a cup of strawberries contains only 25-30 calories, but it is full of substances that help protect the heart, reduce the risk of cholesterol and prevent blood clots in the arteries, and protect the body from cancer.


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