Special Kitchen Tips !!!

Skilled housewife is the one who benefits from all the tips that are available to her, because these tips carry many benefits that benefit her kitchen, and they also have a big role in helping her to come out with a healthy kitchen, and these are some tips that might be useful in this:- The clear part of an uncooked egg can be used to buff out scratches and restore the shine of leather furnishings.

– There is no need to peel the tomatoes before boiling, just wash the tomatoes and the whole of their skin. When using, take the tomatoes and put them under running water.

– Use lemon juice, garlic, herbs and spices to enhance vegetable flavor instead of rich sauces, butter and cheese.

– It’s Easy break or cut the cheese when it is chilled. If you want to use for the bread leave it outside the fridge until it gain room temperature.

– If you want to remove the fat from the soup without waiting for it to freeze, pass a piece of bread on the surface to absorb the fat.

– To avoid problems cleaning the cup after the process of measuring honey, sprinkle some oil in the cup, and then slide the honey easily.

– When you buy frozen vegetables, choose the ones that move freely inside the packaging, and if they are ice-cold and stuck together, it means that the ice has been thawed and boiled again.


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