Soybeans … Natural Female Hormones

Dear Eve .. Do you know that soybeans are important pills for health and skin especially for women, where doctors confirm that eating it continuously reduces the severity of symptoms that appear during the passage of the period, especially heat episodes.

Scientists have explained the benefits of soy by containing izflavon compounds that positively affect health in general, especially in bones, maintaining the great density of the thighs and body structure as a whole.

In addition to containing female vegetarian hormones, the substances have proven effectiveness in disease prevention and treatment. They protect women against breast cancer and osteoporosis.

Protects skin rash: Doctors recommend that women take soybeans because they also help to fight severe rashes.

Stimulates body fat: In addition, soybeans are important proteins for women, especially those who wish to lose weight. Other research shows a link between soy consumption, low fat and abdominal fat, due to the fact that protein foods reduce appetite and give a sense of fullness .

Nutrition experts say soybeans also have a better composition than other legumes because they contain high-quality proteins that can compete with proteins found in meat and other animal food sources they also point out that soy protein helps reduce cholesterol in the blood “at 25 grams a day” and is a very appropriate diet because of its large content of protein.

Protects the uterus and breast: The benefits of soybeans and its importance to women are not limited to fighting fat and skin rash only. A study by the Center for Cancer Studies in Hawaii, USA, found that women taking soybeans and their products reduce their risk of developing uterine cancer by 54% compared to those who do not.

The researchers found at the National Cancer Center, after following the dietary habits of the Asian regions where the consumption of soy soup, known as “Mizu”, reduced the risk of women with breast cancer tumors.

After a follow-up of 21,000 women between the ages of 40 and 59 years for 10 years, the results showed that eating three or more servings per day of this soybean paste, seaweed, vegetables and beans reduces at least 40% of the risk of breast cancer.

It was found that the reduction in risk is related to the amount consumed, where it was found that eating two dishes of the soup mentioned reduced the risk of cancer by 26% compared with those who ate only one, and experts explained that the materials of this soup especially soy-rich isoflavin and phytoestrogen estrogen, have a role in preventing the growth of tumors Breast cancer.

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