Natural Cosmetics From Your Kitchen

In order to preserve their beauty, women spend a lot of money to buy expensive cosmetics and creams, but there is no need to spend money: in every home kitchen there are things that can take care of the body naturally and completely cheap. Here are some of them.In the kitchen of each house, there are available food that can take care of the body naturally and completely cheap. We review some of them here.

Tired eyes: There is a cheap way to restore the freshness of all eyes tired or swollen in minutes. Put a few peels of dried peas in a cloth, then sew them up and put them in the refrigerator. After its cools, place the cloth on the eye area.

Dry lips: Apply a little honey on dry lips and gently massage. Honey heals wounds faster than any other ointment, and the taste of honey is delicious.

Coarse skin: The skin that lacks moisture looks coarse. It is enough to place some grated apples on the skin and leave it on the skin for less than half an hour. Apple helps skin absorb moisture.

Straw-like hair: For shiny hair it is enough to use the natural magic liquid, namely: zeon oil. Soak hair with olive oil and then massage the hair softly and well and leave it affects your hair. After a short time, wash the oil very carefully and then wash your hair as usual.

Dark Teeth: To enjoy shiny white teeth, you should get used to cleaning your teeth with salt (saline) in the evening before brushing and applying regular toothpaste.


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