Effective Treatments For Your Skin From Your Kitchen

Growing hair is the hair that grows inside the skin, and although this is not dangerous, it may cause an aesthetic problem for men and women, and can result

in scars that look like small bumps on the skin, often pinkish or bronze.

In most cases, they are more common in rough-skinned areas. These include the bikini area for women and the beard area. Men with thick, coarse hair are

often more difficult to deal with the growing hair problem, although they may affect anyone. Reasons for appearance:

Dry skin:

People with dry skin, whether men or women, are more likely to have hair growing, due to the fact that there are a lot of dead skin cells on their skin, which often leads to covering pores, preventing hair from rising to the surface of the skin. By moisturizing the skin with its proper moisturizer, frequent moisturizing of the skin will help keep it moist.

The rough hair:

The coarse hair that grows in the curved hair follicle is the cause of growing hair. This problem can not be prevented, but laser treatments can affect hair quality and make it lighter.

Fat in hair follicles:

The fats that accumulate in the hair follicles are also considered the causes of the emergence of hair growing, and may be the cause of this problem several

factors, including:

• Hormonal problems.
• Hyperthyroidism.
• Excessive skin production in fat.
• The Use of inappropriate moisturizing creams that make the skin greasy.
• Poor hygiene.
• Dead skin cells in pores.

If the dead skin cells are not removed regularly, they may clog the pores, resulting in developing hair, so you should buy a mild skin peeling solution, which can be used twice a week to resolve the problem.

Kitchen treatments:

To eliminate this problem, a beauty and skin care expert, advises home remedies. These treatments have gained popularity because of their ease of use and effectiveness. Using sugar as a skin peeler and rubbing can be very effective in removing hair.

Try natural remedies to treat growing hair before taking bolder steps to deal with this issue.


Peeling is a good washing of the skin using a rough paste or lye to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface. Peeling regularly renews the skin and leads to youthful appearance. You can use natural peels or those available in pharmacies.

One of the ways to prevent growth of hair growing, skin peeling before shaving or hair removal, so the use of fiber in the rubbing of the skin when bathing regularly, this will remove all dead skin cells and prevent the formation of hair growing.

Another method of natural peeling is to clean and peel the areas to be treated using a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and honey, and this peeler will work to clean the skin and prevent inflammation.

The salt:

Salt rubbing is also a good rind, but it should not be rubbed too hard, as the salt tends to irritate the skin.


It is preferable to get the gel or cream of the cactus, it is a natural cleanser for the skin, and placed on the area to be treated. Regular use of aloe Vera on the skin prevents the appearance of growing hair.


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