4 Tips For Enjoying Young & Fresh Skin

There is no one who does not dream of a healthy and pure skin even after aging, a factor in which the genetic intervenes only 20 percent, according to experts. The remaining 80 percent is determined by our lifestyle, nutrition and care for our skin. The German site “Gizundheit” states that the most important “enemies” of the skin that affect the freshness over the years are:

1 – The sun: As the ultraviolet rays lead over time to the emergence of wrinkles, so experts advise to ensure the use of Day creams plus sunscreen to prevents the penetration of these rays to the skin.

2 – Lack of sleep, smoking and lack of fluids: Changing these habits is not a difficult issue, as getting used to sleep early and drinking more than a liter and a half of water per day, delay the appearance of wrinkles and signs of impotence on the skin.

3. Stress: Persistent pressure increases the secretion of cortisol, which not only affects blood pressure and sugar levels, but also causes skin deficits.


4 – Lack of movement and lack of exercise: sweating resulting from movement and exercise positively affects the vitality of the skin and is a natural moisturizing of the skin.

Besides these factors there is natural biological evolution. After the age of 30, some functions in the body, specifically the skin, decline. Which can be compensated with permanent moisturizing of the skin, especially the area around the eye, where wrinkles usually appear first.

After 40, the intensity of the skin gradually begins to decline, and the efficiency of the cells’ cells deteriorates. The signs of expression become more pronounced. Here, the daily routine of protecting the skin and relying on products that compensate for lost collagen from the skin must be changed. Knowing this internal development of skin cells helps in selecting products and the appropriate care for each age stage.


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