21 Tips For a Slim and Graceful Body

The following lines give you 21 tips to fight excess weight, do not hesitate to implement these tips and take advantage of them.


1 – When you feel hungry between meals, eat celery because it burns a lot of calories, or eat some fresh fruit.

2 – Make sure to eat three meals a day at the same time, and do not miss breakfast because it increases the rate of burning calories.

3 – Try to stand while talking on the phone or watching TV, and control the device without using the remote control makes you move a lot.

4 – Use the stairs instead of the electric elevator whenever you can.

5 – Do not use sugar, or replace with fruit sugar.

6 – Use low-fat milk and cheese substitutes.

7 – If you are a chocolate lover or a cocoa drinker, buy a type that does not contain sugar or extra ingredients.

8 – Beware of canned foods because they contain many calories, and the sodium used in the conservation of these foods hamper digestion, which causes obesity.

9 – Do not eat pasta or rice only once every two weeks and preferably replaced with the type made from brown land.

10 – Go back to eating brown bread, and choose the type containing bran that helps in the process of digestion.

11 – Eat only non-salted natural nuts.

12 – Use cold pressed olive oil as it does not cause cholesterol.

13 – Wait at least three hours when moving from one meal to another.

14 – Do not overdo salt because it stores fluids in the body.

15 – Drink 6 to 10 glasses of water a day, they wash the body of toxins and fats.

16 – Do not eat gum without sugar.

17 – Do not eat chicken skin because it is a store of fats and hormones.

18 – Do not eat lemon with proteins, it neutralizes the enzyme Pepsin responsible for protein digestion.

19 – Do not eat late at night until the stomach can digest food efficiently.

20 – Replace the fries with grills and salads.

21 – Beware of soups containing cream.

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